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Misc Unsigned Bands - Speed Limit 45 - All Ive Ever Wanted tab

this is a really cool song!tese guys live in a small town in south
Georgia.there a bunch of young surfers who just to love write music
from there heart.they have a C.D. just came out called all ive ever wanted.
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  G    c   Em    G    C    Em
 Days are long,memories sweet,
  G      C       Em      G    C     Em
 it seems like forever,since i saw you
  G   C  Em   G        C        Em
 and i wish,i could see you once again
 G          C         Em
 you were all,ive ever wanted 
 G          C         Em
 the lil girl,i always taunted
 G          C             Em
 this wont be,the last time youll see
 G           C           Em
 ill always be,wherever you want to be
 G       C       Em
 i miss you,i miss you  REPEAT 4 TIMES

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