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Misc Unsigned Bands - Memories Faded - While I Sit Alone tab

hey all, this is my first tab, but i believe its correct, since i'm in the band, i would 
anyway, its an easy song, so enjoy

(we didnt know what to call some of these chords, but here's what we play)

    D#       Db

intro: D# x4  Db x4

verse: I don't know what I can say right now
          I can't get to you and say what I want to
          You have shut me out of everything
          I can't talk to you anymore

         Db x2

chorus: Em  C  G  D  x2
          She is gone  x4

     D# x2

verse: Sitting alone in an empty car
          The sky is gray and clouds on in my head
          You are gone and I am so alone
          I can't get your face out of my head

chorus: (only this time, its "I am alone" instead of "she is gone")

           A       C          G     D
Bridge: Black clouds overtake me
           I can't see a thing
          The rain falls down on me
          And I stare into the darkness...
         And think of you

chorus: (twice without singing, x4 with singing, x2 to finish off with no singing)

this is flawless...the real deal, and if anyone has any questions about our band, or 
just anything, let me know.

rock on

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