Misc Unsigned Bands - Measures Desperate - Let Go tab

This is a great new Aussie band that play great pop/rock! Heard them on mp3.com.au
This sounds spot on i think.  :) BuffyWannabe

LET GO - Desperate Measures

Em   D   C
Take me as I am
I can't be who I'm not
Take me by the hand
And tell me everythings fine

Em   D    C
I tried to be what you wanted
But I wasn't true to myself
Like a book that you read
You kept me high on your shelf

A     C
So now I'm tellin you

Em     D   C
You gotta let me be me
Oh you gotta let me go
I'm not hard to handle
But I guess you'll never know

Em      D   C
You never let me shine
I had so much to give
You should loosen up
Life is there to be lived

Em     D    C
I know I'm not perfect
But neither were you
You never listen to me
Felt I had somethin to proove

A      C
So now I'm tellin you

Chorus x 1
A      C
Words cut deep when they're comin from you
Should've known it was just a waste of time

Lead Break (verse chords)
Chorus x 2
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