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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Autonomy - Victim tab

by The Autonomy
tabbed by Ben Wadsworth

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The Autonomy are an indie rock band from SE London. our influences include the
libertines, bloc party and radiohead. i hope you enjoy playing this tune. you
can get the mp3 off

Main Riff

              Dbm            Ab
Charlie was a soldier on the run
            E           F#
It was just him and his gun
   Dbm                    Ab
He fought all day for the British Isles
         E                      F#
From the morning to the setting sun
Dbm         Ab
Hiding in a trench
               E              F#
He had to keep one eye on the sky
Dbm               Ab
Living one with a shell-shocked mind
    E                  F#
The battle drained him dry

Dbm A Abm
Dbm A Abm
F# Ab

Charlie was a victim

Riff x4

(same chords for the rest of the verses)

He held the western front in France
Which he protected with his life
But his life soon came to an end
When he fell victim to the Kaiser's knife

Today we don't remember Charlie
But what he was fighting for
Taken from his family
And conscripted to the war


Charlie was a victim



Charlie was a victim
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