Misc Unsigned Bands - Natural Immunity - Janet tab

E A x 2

F#                        D     E 
You wear the same clothes everyday
F#                        D     E
We gotta tell you your sons a gay
F#                D       G
Your husbands had an affair
F#                         D        F
You wouldn't leave him you wouldn't dare

A                        E
You're on a different planet
G                        C
You're on a different planet
G                        Em
You're on a different planet

Verse (same chords as 1st verse)
We cant believe we saw you feeding the ducks
with your son of sixteen years
surely he's pass that stage
he should b out with his peers

Chorus (same as chords as previous chorus)


Chorus x2

Natural Immunity are an awesome U.K band check them out on myspace

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