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Misc Unsigned Bands - Glued Soul - Do I Remember tab

'Do I remember' by glued soul


G|--------5-----------7-----------0-------2-------2---|  2x

then turn on distortion and play:

           Am#                 D#          Em        Am
D|--7--7--7p|-x--x--x-|-7--7--7-|-x--x-|-2--2--2-|-2--2--2-|  3x

Verse: (no distortion)

E         F        C      Am
On a late night in MI
E           F        C           Am         
Got my last sight on U-b-ly      undo
G            F           C        Am
I tried hard to be as sad as you
G         F          C          Am
But I was just kinda blue       undo

Refrain: (distorted)

Am#     D#          Em      Am
Cold    hole in my  soul    you undo
Am#     D#          Em      Am
long    run for a   goal    I undo
Am#     D#          Am      Am
Cold    hole in my  soul    I do

Am# D# Em Am 5x

Verse: (no distortion)

E          F          C       Am
Saying goodbye, was a lie
E         F            C       Am
I did not know, I would die    undo
G           F            C       Am
Here we are searching for us
G          F            C            Am
Here I am like a fly with no buzz    undo

Refrain 2x


Am#    D#                Em         Am
lost   dream and I am    old     not with you

Have Fun!

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