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Misc Unsigned Bands - Nxg - Love Flow tab

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these are really easy chords to play so yea


      D               A                        G           
 I was a boy, and you were a girl, and we fell in love just like we did 
   C                 D                 A                 G              
before and, After our first day, we got together, you and me baby our 
love'll last forever...

        D      A      D                G                       
Sha na na na never let me go, let's get together and let our sweet love flow
      D             A     D               G                   
I don't wanna be lonely anymore so, let's get together and let our sweet 

love flow.

yup yup fairly easy    i wrote this song along with some buds so i hope its ok
im only 14 so don't be too harsh on me
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