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Misc Unsigned Bands - Random Objective - Fallen tab

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Title: Fallen
Artist: Random Objective
Album: United We Fall

Instrument: 6 String Guitar

Tabbed by: Mickey Numbers

Uh...The hardest part is getting the rhythm right. Kind of fast too.
Intro (Guitar 1):
E |--------------------------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------|
D |---4--0-0--5--0-0--4--5--4--2--0-0h2--------------|
A |-22-22-2-22-22-2-22-22-22-00-00-0-----------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------|

Intro (Guitar 2):
E |----------------------------------------------------0h2--|
B |-00-7-00-3-0-3-00-8-00-3-0-3-00-7-00-8-00-7-00-3-00------|
G |---------------------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------------------|
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