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Misc Unsigned Bands - Bullets Goes Better - Unnoticed She Dies tab

hey this is our first band tab and its just me the main guitar there still no second 
so guys wait for it!!.

  . . . .....  .....  . . . .....  .....

Then same thing 2 times but not palm muted.
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Verse 1
|---------------------------------------|maybe six times and maybe more.

The chorus its all done by second guitar.

them comes the other.

Verse 2
|---------------------------------------|five time until verse 2 ends.

them the chorus done by the two guitar.

and them the intro but the first to times goes clean and slowin down and the last 2 
very very palm muted and faster.

and them finishied with the verse 1 like an outro

The other guitar is gonna be published with the same tittle song but in the tittle is 
say Bullets Goes Better "g2"
and thats all
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