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Misc Unsigned Bands - Glitterdrive - Tenshi Hoshi tab

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Glitterdrive - Tenshi Hoshi
From the CD "Video Age"
Words and Music By Jeo Loweeze
Copywrite 2006 Glitterdrive
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D   G    D    G
A   G    A    G
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Verse 1
D                       G
This is the song for my angel love.
D                       G
Who's eye's are boiling up with blood.
A                  G
Hey she looks at me, killing destiny.
A                  G
What else could we be?

Verse 2

D                        G
This is the song for my number one.
D                        G
We will have the most depressing fun.
A           G
As we flee, can she see?
A           G
She so loves me


D   C4x

D     G   D  G  D       G      D        G     A   GA    GA   GA
Call out above angels before bleeding love.
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