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Misc Unsigned Bands - Zygote - Silver Gypsy tab

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Artist: Zygote
Song: Silver Gypsy

Intro: C#Maj7 C Fm G# C#

C#         C                 Fm                G#
I remember wed come by Wed push our problems to the side
We would all get high

C#         C            Fm            G#
I remember gypsy well a silver ring I wear it still
C#                       C
Reminds me of those days I just cannot face

Fm        C       C#          G#
You dont know We hate to see you go
But we know that you are doin' fine
And I know I hate to see you go
Because I know you are a friend of mine

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C#                C              Fm                  G#
You would tell me you're in love Leonard's different you said so
Treated you so fine

C#                 C     Fm               G#
We would rave till 6 a.m ecstasy with our friends
C#                           C
Make this feeling stay don't ever go away


C B A# G#, G# G F  C

C                B                   A#                 G#
Tried to see the world and touch the things she's never felt
   G#                G               F            C                       B
It makes you want to stay inside and leave it all alone...all by yourself
         A#       G#              G    F             C
Cause it makes no sense at all       I rest my head against the wall


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