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Misc Unsigned Bands - Sckynn - The Satin Song tab

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			 The Satin Song - S.C.K.Y.N.N.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by:Batman84


  Am       F      C     G
e|-0-   e|---  e|-0-  e|-3-
B|-1-   B|-1-  B|-1-  B|-3-
G|-2-   G|-2-  G|-0-  G|-0-
D|-2-   D|-3-  D|-2-  D|-0-
A|-0-   A|-3-  A|-3-  A|-2-
E|---   E|---  E|---  E|-3-

Intro: Am F C G (x2)

Verse 1:

Am       F       C       G
Here's a story about one day
Am       F        C        G     
Me and Tyler were scootering all the way
Am    F     C     G
We went to Del Taco
Am       F        C        G
We got a call we picked it up he said, "Hey yo,
Am      F      C       G
This is Satin give me your souls"
Am        F      C       G
We did not know what to do
Am      F         C       G
We Just sat there and we cried


C   F   Am   G
Ohhhh Satin, please don't kill us
C   F   Am   G
Ohhhh Satin, we have a long life to live

Verse 2:

Am     F          C       G
But he kicked his big ol' kick drum
Am     F       C        G
"Hey yo man I need your souls"
Am     F       C          G
"Hey Satin we can't give that to you"
Am    F        C      G 
Hail Jesus is all we said to lu
Am    F     C      G
Later that day we got one more call
Am     F      C     G
It was from Jesus he said, "Hey ya'll,
Am   F     C        G
We got Satin down
Am     F          C      G
We don't have to worrie about him anymore"
Am  F  C  G
Am  F  C  G


Verse 3:

Am     F    C                 G
Jesus said "You don't have to worrie
Am     F      C             G
Don't worrie about anymore demonds
Am      F     C     G
Jason, Tyler don't fret and don't sweat
Am       F        C       G
You don't have to worrie anymore 



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