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Song: What You Doin' Tonight
Artist: Blind Direction
Lyrics: Jose Ahumada and Jared Visco
Music by: Jose Ahumada, Jared Viso, Ken Brand, and Maciej Lowandowski.

D Major xx0232
A Major X02220
B Minor x24422
G Major 320022

This is only the acoustic version, I left out the awesome bridge.

Intro: D A B G A

What you doin' tonight?
Do you wanna maybe hang out?
We can talk so much about
                         G     A                
All the things we just found out
Baby I'll take you home at night
Don't worry I'll treat you right
       B               G   A    
It'll only be the two of us

And I'll be waiting
Outside of my car
We don't have to drive too far
                      G  A
To see the shooting stars
And I'll be prayin'
That you'll answer my call
That I left on your machine
              G A
When I asked you
                       G  A
What you doin' tonight?      x2       

Verse 2 (same as the first)

Who are you with?
Are you doing anything else.
I was just hanging around
Getting bored of this old town.
I'll pick you up at a quarter to nine, 
Third house past the stop sign.
It'll only be the two of us.

Chorus x2

2nd time around, 

What You Doin tonight x3

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