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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Curbside Tree Project - Somewhere In Between tab


E ------------------------------------------------3333333300000000---------|
B ----------------444444447777777744444444777777770000000022222222---------|
G ----------------444444447777777744444444777777770000000022222222---------|
D ----------------444444447777777744444444777777770000000022222222---------|
A 2222222255555555222222225555555522222222555555552222222200000000---------|
E ------------------------------------------------33333333-----------------|

main riff

E 2222222222222222----|
B 4444444433333333----|
G 4444444422222222----| play three times then play
D 4444444400000000----|
A 22222222------------|
E --------------------|

E 3333333300000000
B 0000000022222222
G 0000000022222222
D 0000000022222222
A 2222222200000000
E 33333333--------

play main riff twice then play the chorus

E 2223---000222-|
B 3330---000222-|
G 2220---000333-|
D 0000---222222-|  play twice, then play the main riff twice, then play the
A ---2---222444-|  chorus twice, then play main riff twice again and finish
E ---3321000222-|  by playing the chorus 4 times
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