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Misc Unsigned Bands - Siempre Fiel - I Promise Ill Always Be There For You tab

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I promise you I'll alays be there for you
Siempre Fiel

This song was writed to my precious little princess Gaby, who I love with all my
are the words to tell her that I will always gonna be there for her when she gets to 
it is a promise, doesn't matter how long time kick us, you're always gonna count whit 
I love you bebita.

D-Asus-Asus4-G (x2)

Bm                        A
When youíre feeling all alone
                 G                D    A
And you can't go on, remember I am here
Bm                               A
When you think you've gone too far
                       G                     D    A
I'll meet you where you are: my arms are open wide

(Pre chorus)
G                   D
I know you wanna run away
          A            Bm
But your mind doesn't let you
G                        D
You love someone who is far away
                 A                   Bm
And makes your heart suffering for get trough

D                          Asus
I just wanna feel that youíre ok
             Asus4                   Asus                  A
That your life is well and there's nothing that give you pain
D                              Asus
I just wanna tell you how much I need
           Asus4          Asus                   D
How much I want to see you happy smiling to the sky

If you think you gonna die
And no one is gonna save your life, I will die for you
If you feel that you lost all
And you start to crashing on, I will fix that wound

(Pre chorus)
Cuz you have me for the entire life
And I never gonna leave you
You can be on the darkness place
But Iím still gonna be with you

Chorus x2
Intro x2

That all is a great song,listen to the album "muriendo y renaciendo", it's a bonus song
you've to wait util the last song ends, like 1 minute, and please buy our album on the
store, or visit our web side, is under construction 
we sorry for the look like. andrew
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