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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Locomotivez - Blonde Hair tab

Intro/Chorus                   Verse
G|-7--5-77----| X 2-uh     |-7-7-5-5----| X 2 -uh     |----------|------|

(chorus)  girl w/ the blonde hair blonde hair blnde hair (x2)
girl w/ the "o shea!" "o shea!" "o shea!"
girl w/ the blonde hair blonde hair blonde haaaaaiirrr....

ur the girl w/ the blonde hair, I swear-uh!

(Verse) Girl when I see you,
I love your blonde hair,
I just wanna make out with it,
your blonde hair is so sexy,
but ur face is buttugly,
and ur as fat as a chipmunk, 
n u like 2 play punk,
o shea shea shea shea

locomotivez official website:    OR
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