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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Fringers - The Song Of Harmony tab

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Intro: Instrumental (A-E-F#m-D)2x

A       E        F#m-D
Let me see the world
A       E                  F#m-D
Let me hear the cries and fools
A           E                  F#m
Let me drive back to the past times
     D           A-E-F#m         D    A-E-F#m-D
The past times of Africa...of Africa

A               E          F#m-D
But thereís Africaís big history
A       E                  F#m-D
The beginniní of Apartheid story
A        E                    F#m
By enslaving blacks of Great Africa,
            D        A-E-F#m     D    A-E-F#m-D
Under the power of America...America


A       E                F#m-D
Let the world hear this song 
A       E                  F#m-D
Letís make the Africanís belong
A       E        F#m
Let the virtues unfold
    D pause
So come on, letís sing out! 


A            E           F#m     D
This is the song of Harmony (The song of Harmony)
A     E                   F#m-D
The song thatís meant for thee
A           E        F#m
Letís make this sympathy
    D                   A
Of Love, Truth and Unity
      E          F#m
The song of Harmony
     D pause             A-E-F#m-D
The song that sets us free 
Sets us free

Spoken: Instrumental [use the verses chords]
Oh Africa my dear Africa
You came from the greatest history
The twilight times of my dear Africa
Chained into the hell-like story

So I lit a candle on you
The candle of new light of hope and freedom
Let this be with you as you go through 
Through the brand new Africa yet to come

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)


Am      E            Am
I can say to you by song 
   E                 Am
Apartheid was surely wrong
  E                       Am
Africanís rights must be strong
           E             Am       D
Peace on Earth I pray to stay... along

(Repeat Chorus except the last line)


Sets us free...
         A-E-F#m-D pause
Sets us free...
The song for you and me

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