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Misc Unsigned Bands - Negative Zero - Stand On My Own tab

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Hope u like it.....
Stand On my Own
Artist: -0 (negative zero)

G              D        Em              C
I love you.... the only words that I can say to you
G              D        Em                   C
I want you to see How Happy I am when I met you
      G          D       Em             C9
Everyday every night I pray to be with you


And now you're here
Em          C9
I am not afraid 
     Em        D
To face the world
on my own 
[ Tab from: ]
      D                      Em       C            G
With you I can fight for my life for me to be with you
             D          Em                  C        G
Each time I fall I've learn to stand on my own (on my own)
 D        Em    C             G
And with you I learned to be myself
     D          Em               C9
And love you with all my heart (my heart)

G D Em C

Verse II:

G             D         Em           C
When I can't see you I feel sick and tired of my life
G                 D               Em           C
Without you my world is empty and I can't breath
G               D         Em                   C
Without seeing you all I wish that you could stay here with me

Repeat refrain, chorus and intro for outro.....

enjoy... from melai of negative zero
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