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Misc Unsigned Bands - Honoring God - Get Up tab

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get up, get up, get up
 Em        C       D     A
Sing the Lord his praises

 Em        D               Am    G
He is the Lord of all the nations
 G     C           D     Em
He is Lord of all creation
     G      C    A      (on "A" alternate between "A" and "Asus")
and He will rise again 
      G               C
He's bigger than the mountains
       Am               C
He's stronger than the seas

     G         C
He came as a baby 
     G         Am
for only one purpose
    D          C
To die for a sinner 
     G          E
who hated you Lord
         D      Am      C   G  Em
but you came to die,for us anyway 

So, get up, get up, get up 
     C           Em
And worship the Lord
 D   G
with us

G Em Am D (2x)
    Em       C    A     (on "A" alternate between "A"and "Asus") 
The Lord is alive again
So, get up, get up, get up
     D           Am       Em
and worship the Lord with us

  D    G    C    Em 
Forever and ever again

* you can play it on with or without capo, I play it on capo 2
This is a song that I personally wrote 

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