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Misc Unsigned Bands - New Jersey Power - Jimmy Sue Eats Gum tab

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Alright, this is a song my friend and I made up for our improv band. It's amazing.

   Em              Em              Am
Once, there was a boy, named Jimmy-Sue,

   Em              Em           Dm  Am  G G G   
And Jimmy-Sue wanted some gum from the mall!

 Em            Em        Am Am Am
So Jimmy-Sue went to the mall, 

Em Em Em Em Em(quick picking)
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Em        Am         Dm        Am        Em
So, all depressed, Jimmy-Sue went to the Food Court

C                  G G G G G G
And there he had a glimmer of hope

C    C         C             C G G G G.....
For under the table, was a Pikachu trading card

Em          Am          C   G     Am
And then an old hobo walked up to him

Em    Am  C  G   C    G7   C
And said "Do you want this gum?"

(sing heavy/death metal like)

C C C C C (quick picking)
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