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Misc Unsigned Bands - Apt E - Waste Away tab

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			     Waste Away - Apt. E
This song is from a local band in Jonesboro, AR called Apt. E.  It was written and 
by Sean McGuire and Brian Nelson.

Tuning: Standard

Special Chords:

*E              *A              Cmaj7           *D
e|-----7-----|  e|-----3-----|  e|-----3-----|  e|-----3-----|
B|-----0-----|  B|-----0-----|  B|-----0-----|  B|-----0-----|
G|-----0-----|  G|-----0-----|  G|-----0-----|  G|-----0-----|
D|-----5-----|  D|-----2-----|  D|-----2-----|  D|-----4-----|
A|-----7-----|  A|-----0-----|  A|-----3-----|  A|-----5-----|
E|-----0-----|  E|-----X-----|  E|-----X-----|  E|-----X-----|

Note: The C chord in this song (except in Chorus) is played with a hammer-on applied to 
E note on the D string.

Em - G - C x2

   You waste away,
G                      C
   you waste away everything,
   there'll be pain
G                                C
   but that's price we've got to pay
   to make a change
G                 C
   so don't waste away

Am                         C
   cause I can see it everyday
   you want to walk away
   and make a change
Am                               C
   so baby, baby, baby don't you wait
   and let it waste away

- G - C -
[ Tab from: ]
   I feel your pain
G                        C
   I see it coming up on you
   so turn away
G                             C
   I'm gonna help you make it through
   all the rain
G                          C
   that's clouding up your days

  [2nd Chorus]
Am                                   C
   the sun will bring forth brighter days
   it's gonna wash away
   all your pain
Am                C                  G
   and I'll see a smile back on your face
   don't let it waste away

*A - Cmaj7 - *D
*E - *A - Cmaj7 - *D
*E                          *A
   Cause I remember yesterday
   when you told me you're okay
   I see the tracks still on your face
   left by the tears caused by the pain
   well love can bring you better days
   take my hand I'll show you the way
   I'll never leave, forever stay
   now's our chance so don't waste away

*A - Cmaj7 - *D
*E - *A - Cmaj7 - *D - *E

  [3rd Chorus]
Am                         C
   Cause I can see it everyday
   you want to walk away
   from all the pain
Am                              C
   well look to me baby I'm the way
   don't let me waste away

   You waste away
G                        C
   don't waste away everything
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