Misc Unsigned Bands - The Reagans - Burn It Down tab

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                     ~BURN IT DOWN~
                       The Reagans


(Verse I)
A             G             F#    A             G        F#   A    G
Street light swayin in the wind, And all we can do is pretend, Everything
    F#   A             G            F#
is okay, but we won't see another day.

A             G                F# A          
             F#    A
 And Im gonna burn this wall down, Im gonna burn it to the ground, Im gonna
  G             G                     F#
burn it all to, gonna burn it to the ground.

(Verse II)
A            G            F#     A   G      
      F#   A          G
I dont wanna be a trophy writer, I have a better mean, Ill need a box of
F#       A      G             F#
matches, and a gallon of gasoline. (chorus)

(Verse III)
A        G          F#      A         G    
    A      G
Im gonna go to the suburbs, so I can get outside, maybe have a big front
F#     A            G           F#
lawn, there will be no place to hide. (chorus)

~That's IT!~
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