Misc Unsigned Bands - Infimous Cellist - Eyebrows First tab

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Eyebrows First


Verse 1
A5                F5                  E5     F5
Running from your fears… It’s not easy in the dark
A5               F5              E5    F5
Terrified by this evil… I’m trying to depart 
A5                   F5     E5          F5
Ripping through the forest… of disparity 
A5                F5      E5            F5
I look back on my fears… I start tripping

Chorus x2
           D5    A5     A#5         A5                    
I went eyebrows first! Crud that hurt!
D5        A5    A#5       A5
Eyebrows first! Into the dirt!

Verse 2
A5                 F5         E5                 F5
I pull myself off the ground… as my fears surround me
A5                    F5          E5        F5              
I take off frightened once again… trying to pull free
A5                  F5               E5                  F5
My feet are digging into the ground… I don’t know where to go
A5                     F5             E5                F5
I’ll just keep running, I won’t stop… until I can’t run anymore

Chorus x2

Bridge x2 (There’s a palm muted tab for the bridge)
I-------------------------------------- E
I-------------------------------------- B
I-------------------------------------- G
I---7---------3---------2---------3--3- D
I--7-7-(x4)--3-3-(x4)--2-2-(x4)--3--3-- A
I-5---------1---------0---------1--1--- E
Look into my eyes… tell me what you see
Can you see… me tripping?  

Chorus x2


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