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Misc Unsigned Bands - St Marys Orthodox Church - Suvishesha Vahiya Keedename tab

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Hi Friends we’re back with yet another Malayalam song.
This song was written and composed by our Bishop Dr.Yacob mar irenius.
By-Sanjeev and Thomas george.

                    SMOC-Suvishesha vahiya keedename
       G                           D      C    G
Suvishesha vahiya keedanamenne,jeeva suvishesha vahiyakene

 G        C                      G          
Naamil mathram alla jeevitha panthavil, Jeeva suvishesha 
 D  C  D       G
vahiyakene……….Repeat Chorus
 G                C             G                   D  C  D      G 
Loka rakshithaave Angeyude nalla, Jeeva suvishesha vahiyakene…………….Repeat Chorus
 G                                        C    G       D  C   D     G
Krushu thollileenthi pinppe vannidunna, Jeeva suvishesha vahiyakene………. Repeat Chorus
 G                      C             G          D  C    D      G
Kristhuvil lokathe ekamakidunna, Jeeva suvishesha vahiyakene…….………. .Repeat Chorus

Repeat the whole song again

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