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			     The Same Four Walls - The Rain
Tabbed by: Timmy B
Email: timbarnes8@msn.com

Tuning: Standard

G2 = 200033

Intro: Em7      A7sus4
       Em7      D        x2

Verse 1:
Em7      A7sus4
You know me
Em7        D
I spend my days inside
Em7       A7sus4
Can't you see
Em7          D
My time just slide

Bridge 1:
Am             F
   C            G
To I don't know where
Am                   F
I'm supposed to just sit here
   C           G
In complete despair

Am            D                   Em7
The same four walls just bring me down
           A7sus4            Cadd9
I plant my feet right in the ground
Look up at the sky as I spin
G        G2      Em7
    D         Cadd9      D        G      G2
The same four walls

       Em7      A7sus4
       Em7      D

Verse 2:
Em7            A7sus4
I guess you're right
Em7                 D
I've got nothing to do in here
Em7               A7sus4
I'll turn off the light
Em7      D
So I can shed a tear

Bridge 2:
Am              F
Just look at my dreams
        C       G
They're all the same
Am                F
And why does this life
        C     G
Have to be so tame

Chorus x2
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