Misc Unsigned Bands - Solus - Best Days tab

Best Days - Solus
Tabbed by - Blaine Henry

x = muted strum
< = volume swell up
> = volume swell down
^ = wah pedal in treble position
v = wah pedal in bass position
h = hammer-on


Intro/verse 2
This is a little Eddie Van Halen trick.
What you do is turn the volume all the way 
down and hammer on the chord and swell the 
volume.  He dose this in "Cathedral."
  <     >  <     >  <     >  <     >

Intro/verse 3
This is the wah pedal portion.
  ^v^v    ^v^v      ^v^v     ^v^v 


Song order:
Bass intro		   x2
Intro/verse 2		   x4
Intro/verse 1 & 2          x4
Intro/Verse 1 & 2 w/ words x4
Chorous	                   x4
Intro/Verse 1 & 3 w/ words x4
Chorous	                   x4
Solo			   x8 (chorus riff)
Chourous		   x4
Outro			   x1

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