Misc Unsigned Bands - The Northern Boys - Nightly Influences tab

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Intro: F F Bbm F 

F C#m Bm x2

We went there nearly every night, 
C#m            Bm
The food was a load of shite,
Magda, Tomak, Bart and Bill, 
C#m                  Bm
You'd never see them out the till.

A                              G                 E
Everynight we're at the beach, drinking Vodka... tastes like bleach,
A                              G                 E
Burger King at 2am, filled with Quaters once again, 
A                              G                 E
There's bouncers on the door, mess with them, you'll be ON THE FLOOR!

Verse 2

Imigration came along one night, 
C#m                Bm
The Polish workers all took flight,
They turned up the cave of dreams, 
C#m                   Bm
Only to be back later on the scenes.

[Back to chorus]


Geniuses at work!!

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