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Misc Unsigned Bands - Pity The Backseat - Home tab

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C                  Fmaig                                      C           Fmaig 
i had the best ticekts to the worlds worst show.
C                             Fmaig                     C                       Fmaig 
but there were so many people there that i decided not to go.
Am                    G                  C-B                 Am
Now everyone is calling me and asking where i am
Fmaig       G         C-B                  Am
I told them all that i got scared and ran.
Fm                         G                       Am
and i dont think that i'll be coming back.

Am                        C
now it is starting to kill me.
Am        C
i think i finally see.
   Am            C                         G
that i cant do this for the rest of my life.
Fm                            G              C-B                            Am
now the world ate us whole and spit us back out in the world with a soul.
Fm                G                 Am
and i dont think that im coming back.
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