Misc Unsigned Bands - Nup Tkl - I Could Be tab


e|--------------|                                      Em
B|---9---8/7/8--|                                         e|7
G|--9-9--8/7/8--|                                         B|8
D|--------------|                                         G|9
A|--------------|                                         D|9
E|-7-----6/5/6--|                                         A|7
Verse                                                   G
Em                                                        B|3
Sometimes in my mind I see                                G|4
G                                                         D|5
All the things that I could be                            A|5
D                                                         E|3
Before my life can end                                  D
D add9                      C add9                        e|2
Things completed time must be spent                       B|3
Em                                                        G|2
You alone are my source of pride                          D|0
G                                                         A|x
My love for you I try not to hide                         E|x
D                                                  D add9
Though sometimes it seems I donít try                     e|5
D add9                     C add9                         B|7
But trust me I never would lie                            G|7
Em                                                        D|x
Things you should know before I go                        A|x
G                                                         E|x
Things to show you my love                         C add9
D                                                         e|3
How much I care do not despair                            B|5
D add9             C add9                                 G|5
This love is never enough                                 D|x
Em                                                        A|x
All that my existence be                                  E|x
G                                                      A#
Is to give you everything you want to see                 e|1
D                                                         B|3
Anything you want Ill give                                G|3
D add9                        C add9                      D|x
My life, love, its all a gift ill gladly rid              A|x
Chorus                                                 Cm
D add9   C add9                                           B|6
You mean more to me                                       G|7
A#              C add9                                    D|7
Than anyone could ever see                                A|5
D add9    C add9                                          E|5
More than space in the sky                             Dm
A#         C add9                                         e|3
More than a never-ending line                             B|4
D add9         C add9                                     G|5
Deeper than the depths of the sea                         D|5
A#                C add9                                  A|3
My love for you is never-ending                           E|3

then hold -ing through the chord progression one time then play the chords again ending on C add9 (after A#)

Play the Verse chords again with these words
Verse 2

Now when you try to see
The end it keeps on moving
Thinking all is spent 
And nothing is left and my love will end
But nothing shall ever cause that
My love for you is eternal
And until the day I die
You are most important to me
You will always be in my life


Verse 3 this is different

Cm         Dm
Everything I could be
Cm               Dm
Slowly floats by in front of me
Cm             Dm
But all of it I would give
Cm               Dm
Just so you could happily live
Cm            Dm
To me you mean everything
Cm         Dm
All my love and pride
Cm             Dm
To see you fall to nothing
Cm           Dm
Would tear me inside

Verse 4 play the same chords you did for verse 1&2

Things I could be if I tried
Would be worth nothing
Without you by my side
My life revolves around you
You are my everything
To see you so happy
Makes my heart want to sing
But if you pass on and leave me behind
I will follow suit, without a change of mind

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