Misc Unsigned Bands - Risen - Forever tab

this is a song from a small band in the south, called RISEN. only three peple but there 
along. i heard this so i tabbed it, enjoy. no cd yet
its my first tab

~=let ring

intro=clean                fig 1
e------------------       ----------------------------------|
b----------------8-       ----------------------------------|
g----3~---5~---7~-7~      -11111111333333335555555555555555-|
d---1----3----5----2x     -11111111333333335555555555555555-|
a--1----3----5-----       -11111111333333335555555555555555-|2x
d-1----3----5------       -11111111333333335555555555555555-|
                        pm ................................

after you do fig 1 twice do it again with no pm for chorus

fig 1
fig 1(no pm)
fig 1
fig 1(no pm)
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