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Misc Unsigned Bands - Triberium - Another Day tab

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  E            D           C            D    
I could never see your pretty face in reality,
  E            D           C            D
I guess it was never meant to be , meant to be...
  E            D           C                              D
Well god ,made me blind,he let me see the world,with a different sight
  E            D           C            
But all i can say is that,we were meant to be,
  D            D
We were meant to be...

  E            D            A           C
Another day, Another light,you better get yourself straight in-line

  E            D            C                    D
After all of what i've seen,There's a need for world peace
  E            D                C                D
All the children on the streets,they're crying,they're crying
  E            D                C               D
Tey've got no food to eat,no love to feel,no hearts to heal
  E            D                     C             D   
SO i thought to myself and weeped,"why is the world dying"
Its dying...



  E           D                     A             C
Another day, another light ,You better get yourself straight in-line...
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