Misc Unsigned Bands - Love Of The Deluded - The Holy Song tab

1 |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
2 |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
3 |--------------------------------*---------------------------------------|
4 |--------------------------------9-11h12p11-11/0-------------------------|
5 |-9~9/11-12-7p6p5~0----9~9/11-12------------------9~9/11-12-7p6p5~0------|
6 |-------------------4-----------------------------------------------4----|

1 |--------------------------------------------------------5h7-----------15|
2 |-------------11---------------------------5-7-9-7^--9-7-----9579------12|
3 |-----------0-11------11-9-------------9-7-----------------------7549-7~-|
4 |-------------9------------12-11-9-9/12---------------------|--------5^--|
5 |-9~9/11-12--------------------------------------------------------------|
6 |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Hey, dudes thats just a new song that i have been working on and no its not called the
song because im egosentric but because my brother named it for me and comment please and
me know if you like what you hear i will have it finised soon but will probably not tab 
for a while! LOTD, 2007
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