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Misc Unsigned Bands - Sam Concepcion - Even If tab

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Title: Even if
Artist: Sam Concepcion
Tabbed by: Mark Jesson Galera

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This A new Song of Sam Concepcion to his album..Im 90% sure in this chords..
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Intro: Bb-F-Gm-F

Chorus 1:
      Bb               F
Even if the sun refused to shine
      Gm                     F
Even if we lived in different times
       Eb                  Bb
Even if the ocean left the sea
                 Cm          F
There would still be you and me
  Bb              F
Ever since the start of time
 Gm             Eb
You've had my love (oh yeah)
  Bb           F
Even before I knew your name
 Gm           Eb
I knew your heart (oh girl)
 Gm               Gm+M7
In the dark of the darkest night
 Gm7            Gm6
I can see your face (yeah)
 Cm                 Bb
I always knew from the very start 
I would find a way

Chorus 2:
    Bb                 F
Even if the world would disappear
     Gm                    F
Even if the clouds would shed no tears
         Eb         Bb
Even if tonight was just a dream
              Cm       F
There would be still be you and me

You've always been there and 
You'll be always be
 Gm           Eb
The only one (oh yeah)
 Bb                 F
Until forever you hold me girl
(until forever)
 Gm         Eb
I'll never knew (ohh)
 Gm                Gm+M7
In the cold of a winter's chill
     Gm7               Gm6
I'll be there tomorrow( oh..)
Oh girl, and here you are with me
for all of time
 Eb        F  
No matter what
(repeat chorus 1&2)

Two hearts that belong together
From the very start
 Bb   F        Gm
One love, now and forever
Nothing can tear us apart
(repeat chorus 1&2)
(repeat chorus 2)

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