Misc Unsigned Bands - The Joints - Stomach tab

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The Joints are some dudes influenced by the 60's and 70's music and cultural
era..playing simple to decently hard songs we want you to play and sing along..so
join in...



[Basic up and down strumming]
E7              Am
Sometimes, it's easy to see
    E7                   Am
and sometimes, hidden in you and me

[speed up a little bit here]
       G              D      A
and we can't find the reason why
      G              D      A
no we can't find the reason why

E7         Am
breathe in these words we speak
     E7                    Am
then breathe out, let your feelings free

    G    D        A
and find yourself tonight
           G    D        A
you got to find yourself tonight

E7             Am
hold on we can make this work
E7              Am
i don't mean to bring you away

           G              D        A
but you're killing what's alive in me
           G             D         A
yes you're killing whats inside of me

   E7          Am
So take it, or leave me alone
E7   Am
I'am only me

    G               D     A        
and that's all that I can be
           G        D     A
yes that's all that I can be
        G        D     A
oh it's all that I can be...

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