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Misc Unsigned Bands - Painted South - The Ballad Of Jason Jester tab

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Intro: (G, D, E, D, A)

G                     D      
Jason Jester was the greatest 
E                          D A       
playing his guitar all the time
G                D
but he was very greedy
E                        D A
he would kill you over a dime
G                D
he once killed a man
E                              D A   
took him and stabed him in the gut
G                           D
he thought alot of doors opened 
E                       D A 
but the prison door got shut

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come on
  D                   C
what did you do that for 
come on
  D                           C
now your behind that prison door

G                   D
Now two years gone past
E           D A
seven years more  
G                         D
do you think that you'll last?
E                 D A 
this is gona be a chore

G                  D              
the foundation is roting 
E                     D A
from right under your feet
G                    D
u keep killing the people
E              D A 
that you think cheat


G                        D  
The white house is now black
E                       D A 
you've been in there so long
G                   D
and since you was crack 
E             D A
your mind is gone 

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