Misc Unsigned Bands - Painted South - Jimmie tab

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Intro:(F/D, G, C, F/D) X2

Verse 1:
F/D  G           C          F/D
the title of the story was jimmie
F/D  G        C        F/D          
the story was wrote by me
F/D G           C      F/D  
Now jimmie had a good friend
F/D  G             C            F/D
that would be with him till the end

Verse 2:
F/D G                  C    F/D
but he got killed in a car crash
F/D   G                  C    F/D
they had his body turned into ash
F/D    G       C      F/D 
jimmie took it pretty hard
F/D G                   C         F/D
he thought he had been deald a bad card

D             C
jimmie is the man 
       D        C
but he doesn't understand
D                                     C
alot of thing will happen, he doesn't like
D                                C
like the thing that will happen tonight 

Verse 3:
F/D G                C       F/D
the next day went by pretty good
F/D    G       C          F/D
better then he thought it would
F/D G            C               F/D
he went home and set down in his chair
F/D G               C            F/D
he went to sleep in less then an hour


Verse 4:
F/D  G              C          F/D
when he woke up his friend was there
F/D  G          C              F/D
then he smilled and went into thin air
F/D  G             C       F/D                                 
the scared look on jimmies face 
F/D    G   C     F/D                        
slowly it went away 



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