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Misc Unsigned Bands - Painted South - No One Knows tab

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Intro: (Bm, D, E, A)

Verse 1: 
Bm      D          E                 A
I walk through the vally of wondering eyes
Bm              D    E        A
even though i'm in my perfect descise
Bm                D    E                 A
they watch from a bush they watch from a tree
Bm            D    E                   A
Every where i go i know their watching me
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Verse 2:
Bm      D               E           A
Now the snow piles up on this white trail
Bm           D                 E             A
i know those poor eyes must be going through hell
Bm     D    E        A 
i just set down in a tree 
Bm   D          E    A
and wonder what i'll see 

D         C                           G
and those wondering eyes never come of me
D          Bm                    G
no matter what i do they always see
D         C                 G
they'er smarter then you think 
D      Bm               G
you'll miss em' if you blink

Verse 3: 

Now that i've been setting here for two long hours

the tree i'm in over the others it towers

a big brown head slowly moves its way out

i hold my gun up take the safty off and POW!


Verse 4: 
D                      F 
i track it through the woods 
D                       F      C
its down like i know it should be 
D   F
you see

Chorus: X2

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