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Misc Unsigned Bands - Painted South - Cousin Song tab

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Intro: (G, C, D)

Verse 1:
G           C                         D
Now when he first was born i was only two
G            C                                D
crawling all around me i didn't know what to do
G           C                   D
try to look at it from a childs view
G                          C                             D
holding his finger in your mouth while you was trying to chew

Verse 2:
G            C                        D
now when he grew up we started to get along
G            C                D
thats why i wrote this cousin song
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G       E              A        D
Me and my cousin go a long way out
G                  E          A                D
wearing childrens jakets and shouting off ouir mouth
G             E           A           D  
didn't care a thing about what people said
G             E          A            D
wouldn't seperate until one of us is dead

Verse 3:
G               C            D
we use to play football with Nanny 
G              C                   D
but now he got draffed to the millitary 
G             C               D
over there he fights day and night
G                C           D
but he writes me letters in spite

(Chorus changes a little)
G      E               A        D
Man my cousin we're a long way out
G             E           A               D
wearing army jackets and shouting off our caps
G         E                   A      D
our squid got bombed just the other day 
G         E                   A   D
but please don't worry we're all OK

Outro: (G, C, D)

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