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Misc Unsigned Bands - Painted South - Get Over You tab

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Intro: (Cm, Bm, B)

Verse 1:
G/D        F/G           Bm
the part of me breaking down
G/D    F/G                   C
is the part you don't wanna see
G/D               F/G        Bm
the sight on your face of a frown
G/D      F/G        C
as your looking at me

Verse 2:
G/D          F/G                Bm
the plesant days have all gone by
G/D       F/G           C
theres no more room for you
G/D              F/G     Bm
the look on your face is surprized
G/D          F/G                  C
i don't know why, to tell you the truth
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D          C G
all that i know
D        C           G
is that you gotta to go
   D             C    G
i guess i'll get over you

Verse 3:
G/D      F/G  Bm
now that your gone 
G/D         F/G    C
the worlds stoped turning
G/D    F/G   Bm
i feel i was wrong 
G/D     F/G     C
like my head is burning 


Verse 4: 
Em       Am      D         Em
now that you are over me 
Em   Am           D                 Em
the blackness is coming and i cannot see
Em          Am     D      Em
every thing that i try to do 
Em    Am      D        Em
just makes me think of you

Chorus: X2
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