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Misc Your Songs - Kyle Broadhurst - Latest Trends tab

Original by me in standard tuning. song can be found in my profile.

Intro - E   C   D   G A


Verse 1: 
E                                 C
When it all ends, what will you be doing?
playing thoughtless games on the edge of town?
                  G                   A
it seems that way when your life hits the ground.

Verse 2:
E                                      C
Everyone will tell you to take all the chances
to not regret anything
                                    G                  A 
but how can you do that when you're so tied up in your problems

your life revolves around the latest trends
you follow the crowd relentlessly
          C                           D 
when your time comes what will you do then?

Repeat Intro

Verse 3: repeat verse chords
your friends all think you're the leader
but when it comes down to it
you back off into the corner
and hope everything will change for the better

Verse 4: repeat verse chords
you hide yourself from the enemies
who are bent on making you a misery
just to get their kicks

Repeat chorus

what will happen when your life turns black
and your friends are all gone onto the next thing
will you sit at home crying
            C                             D
or will you live your life right to the end

Interlude: E  C   D   G  A   Palm mute G and A

Repeat chorus x2

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