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Reality - Kyle Broadhurst

Intro: D (single strum)    F#m (single strum)  G     A  

Verse 1:
D                               F#m
standing at the back of the line isn't the choice you'd like to make
G                        A
yet the crowd of thoughts push you to the edge

Verse 2:
D                             F#m
your conscience stops you dead until the blood flows again
G                    A
pushing them away to try and stop the pain

Bm                         G    
you wish your life wasn't worthless or just a waste of time
D                                E
you corrupt it and change it and hope it's the end of that crime

Bridge: D    F#m    G    A

Verse 3: (repeat verse 1 chords)
the bruises show the tale of your life inside
while the colors you hide are disguised

Verse 4: (repeat verse 2 chords)
the fears descend on you out of darkness
and takes over your life

Repeat chorus

solo chords: D    F#m    G    A x2
             Bm   G      A      x2

Repeat chorus x2

end on D.
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