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Misc Your Songs - Scavenger - Hey Old Man chords

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This is a song I wrote so I hope you enjoy. The Chords are played somewhat slow but a little fast.

(466544)  G#
(666666) (6) 
(022100)  E
(242322) F7
(224232) Fm7   These are all the chords you'll need to know.
(222222)(2)     Please stick to these diagrams of the chords I made :)
(224432) Bm
(133211) F 
(444444) (4)

G#    (6) 
Verse 1

G#                   (6)                     G#                (6)  
Hey old man try and loosen your load theres far more stuff to see

G#             (6)              G#             (6)
All you do is stay at home and watch your big tv.

E                F7             E               F7
search high and search low and find yourself a woman

Fm7                (2)      Fm7           (2)     
get yourself some kids and never let them go

Bm              F             Bm               F
go outside and have some fun while your just one

Rest of the verses same chords.


hey old man let's go watch a movie or go play some golf
look at that girl she's pretty groovy but theres nothing between us.
theres sometimes to be good and to be bad
knock knock knock knock on some wood
if it makes you glad play your jokes one more time and ill be mad.

G#            (4) G# (4)
Hey Old Man

Feed Yourself  Be Yourself    x2
4      4        
6      4
6      6
4      6
4      4
4      4

Verse 3:

hey old man let's go outside playing in the sun.
and we'll go back inside at a quarter to one
thinking of all the days that we had fun
try to take care of yourself or you'll be just none
play your jokes and make your strokes and get a hole in one.


we had good times we had bad times in the woods
if you could change the world I knew you the night and the day you were a tripper
take your mind and hide away never to be found go with you or follow me and ill be round.


End With Chorus (Fade)

I know the lyrics are poor but i hope you still like it.

If you liked what you hear or if you have any questions you can contact me at:

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