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Misc Your Songs - Weissman Joe Bee tab

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Joe Weissman (22/4/03)

This is my song, written for a friend named Bee. Hope you all like it!

Its called "Bee" by the way

   D      A6+7    Em9    A6+7

Intro: D / / / / A6+7 / / / / Em9 / / / / A6+7 / / / / x4

D		A6+7		Em9		A6+7
Black and yellow taxis take you through the sister cities for my 
D		A6+7		Em9		A6+7
Black and yellow pretty I will write this song of pity as they 
D		A6+7		Em9		A6+7
Stop to stare then Iím aware that you donít care about the way that
D		A6+7		Em9		A6+7
People see your smile of glee and know that itís a different story

Same chords for Verse 2

Swarm over my head Iím not yet dead but Iím just breathing heavy
Fifty thousand mean that there can only be one queen we see
The reasons for believing in the mirage I am seeing is that 
Living here will jump the fear that life is there for leaving

C#m                             F#m
Sheíll make you wanna cry,       lake the trees
Sting the crystal eye,           Pierce the seam
Wait till you will die,          Then go free
She looks like a butterfly

Sheís a bee
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