Misc Your Songs - Ryan Daigle - I Need You chords

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Em                  Cadd9
When we were young,
I never thought wed get so far,  
Living whole worlds apart, 
Em                 Cadd9
I cried when I thought, 
I might not see you again, 
Life is so damn hard,
Em              Cadd9
Tonight as I look, 
Up to the stars, 
I see your love shine down.
Em                       Cadd9
I want one more night,
With you in my arms,
So I can feel your warmth

Em Cadd9 G D/F#

G                 Cadd9 
I need you tonight,
G                                  D
I cant make it one more time,
G                Cadd9
How am I to go on,
G                             D
When all I hear is our song,
G                     Cadd9
You left me so soon,
G                            D
For the man on the moon,
G                           Cadd9
How could you be so cruel,
G                                               D
When you knew that I would die too,
That I would die too
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