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Misc Your Songs - Edgehead7 - The Chronicles Of Guitarman tab

			     The Chronicles of Guitarman - Edgehead7
Tabbed by: Edgehead7

Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

Chords used:

D   xx0232
G   320003
E   022100
C   x32010
Am  x02210
F   xx3211
A   x02220
Em  022000



Look! In the sky!

        D (Strum Once)
It's a bird!

         G (Strum Once)
It's a plane!

                  E (Strum really fast constantly)
Oh my God! It's mother-fuckin' Guitarman!

  E                             G
There he is flying through the sky

 E                       G     D
He saves your ass from daily crime

 E                            G
With Tuner Boy right by his side

         E                            G        D
Their emotions are open; they have nothing to hide

Guitarman will tie you up with his G-String

And whack you with his nut

The only way to make him stop

Is to hit him on his butt

 C            Am
He will then bust out a riff

    G                D
Everytime he does, Tuner Boy gets stiff

       C                    Am
Then they fly back to the music store

      G                     D
And Tuner Boy learns how to be a whore

    F            C
Everything will then get dark

        G                  A
And lightning will strike high

      F               C
The Eastern sky will part

     G                  A
And out will fly Jesus Guy

   F              C
Evil-doers will tremble in fear

          G                         A
For they know that they have been caught

           F             C
However, Jesus Guy will hug them

               G               A
Because their sins have been bought

 F          C          G                    A
Jesus Guy surely has freed them from their sin

     F        C       G         A
And flew off never to be seen again

 Em            D
Jesus Guy had left them there

     C                  G
The town was surely in doubt

 Em        D
Tuner Boy went to the top

         C             G
Of the music store to pout

Em             D
He was really sad

       C            G
That Jesus Guy was gone

     Em              D
And more sad of the fact

          C              G
That he never got turned on

 Em              D
Plus he had not yet

 C              G
Met his life's goal

     Em              D
To finally get the chance to tune

    C              G
Guitarman's sound hole

 Am             C
Tuner Boy then saw what was coming

    D                G
He had no chance to run

       Am              C
The Kamikaze Kid was there

 D             G
Tuner Boy was done

     Am              C
The music store was then destroyed

       D           G
With Tuner Boy on top

       Am     C
The Kamikaze Kid was dead

     D             G
He didn't care to stop

 Am             C
Tuner Boy was dead

  D                   G
Guitarman was set to flee

           Am         C
But one superhero remained

          D              G
And he wouldn't let that be

     A             G
The town members showed some hope

    D                  C
As they looked to the sky

      A              G
They knew what was coming

         D            C
For the Cock Emblem shown high

  A                   G
Cockman pounced on Guitarman

              D                 C
And with the Cock-Lasso he did tie

   A                G
Guitarman knew his day had come

 D              C
It was time to die

        A         G
The townspeople joined in

       D              C
And destroyed Guitarman

        A                G
Which truely proves the long-thought fact

      D           C        E    E   E (Let ring)
That cocks and justice go hand-in-hand
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