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Misc Your Songs - Gareth Ritchie - How Do You Know tab

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How D U Know???   

Intro Am C D G x 2

Verse 1
	Am                                 C
	He was sitting alone one day 
          G                                   D
	Looking outside of his window
	Am					C
	He saw the birds and the trees and the sun
	G						D
	And he asks where did it come from

	Em                  D
How do you know?
	Bm				        C
Some ones always there asking the question
	Em		     D        Bm                       
How do you know? Is no one gonna tell them? 
	C                                                    Em
Is no one gonna tell them how to know?

Em D Bm C Em D C
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Verse 2
	Am				C
	She looked up at the stars 
	G					D
	And seen them glimmering there in the sky
	Am					C
	She asks how did they get there 
	G					D
	While she gazed in the moonlight


Em D Bm C Em D C

	G		     D                   C
Well if you really want to know
	G             D                       C
Then there is one simple way
	G        D                    C
It is to read your bible 	
	G                D           C
Read your bible n pray

Em D Bm C Em D Bm C
 Repeat until music fades and end Em D C G

By Gareth Ritchie 

this is my own song that i wrote and recorded it is avaible at my website and then email me from there  thanks
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