Misc - I Give You My Life chords

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Words & Music: Rodel Brian Bontes
©2004 Copyright

Intro: CAPO 3 D-G-A
D                  G       D
As I look into Your eyes I see
    A                        D
The power of Your grace and mercy
       G              A
Take I look inside my Heart,
       F#m           Bm
You’re always been a part
       G         A       D
As You show Your love to Us

Verse II Do 1st Stanza Chords
When You touch into my life I feel
The power of your blood I believed
I am secured of Your Love,
of what You’ve done for Us
You gave Your life to set me free

D7   G           A
   I give You my Life
   F#m          Bm
My Heart and my Soul
 G                 A              D      D7
Knowing my self, I can do nothing without You
     G           A     F#m          Bm
You give me this Life, Not just for nothing
       G           A            D
Let me serve and rejoice in you Lord

Repeat Verse II and Chorus 2x then Coda

       G            A           D
Let me serve and rejoice in you Lord 3x

Music Type: Contemporary Christian
Member: Fundamental Bapist Church
No copying, modifying or redistributing. Please contact me for permission to use.
Email: stelordbone81@yahoo.com
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