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Mischief Brew - Ramblers Ghost tab

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Reinvention of the Printing Press

D|-----------7p5-/3----------  3-----------------|

G       Em    C

After C chord:  A|---3--2--0------

G     Em   C

G                                                  Am                           C
If they stopped at the wheel we’d never had swung in this tire
Now that we know now everything that we didn’t know then
Laugh like a king while you can til the bastions are stormed

       Em                D                C                G
The book was the last (?) the word was the law
            Em          D         C        G
But the tyranny ended…
          C           G              C           D
Don’t put it in park with miles to go
            G                 C                     D                G
Need a match nevermore shall we read in the dark


C     G     D     G     C     G    D

C    G    D    G    Bb   C    (G)(Play intro)
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