Mission - Hands Across The Ocean chords

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During the verse play the B AND E chords on thr 7th fret 

INTRO:   Bsus4    G#m7   Asus2

B           E                           B               E
Every time I think of you it's like the last beat of my heart
B             E              B          E
The memory of leaving you is tearing me apart
G#m                  E
No waves, no tears, no backward glance
     B                   E
But I'II always hold you dear
G#m                       E
Never regret but I'II never forget
             A               F#
cause there's not enough heaven here

B                       G#m7             Asus2
Hands across the ocean, reaching out for you
Across the waves, across the water
G#m7    Asus2
Hands, across the ocean

B                      E        B                 E
And every time I'm missing you I just can't let it show
B                       E      B                  E 
And every time I want to cry, I just can't let it go

G#m               E             B                E         
Wine and song and masquerade and refuge holds me dear
G#m                   E          
Ribbons and lace and daisy chains
          A                  F#
But there's not enough heaven here


G#m                       E
Bangles, beads and lipstick games
B                     E
And comfort holds me dear
G#m                  E
Velvet and lace and perfumed sheets
But there's not enough heaven
Not enough heaven here

  Bsus4  G#m7      G#m
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