Mission - Like A Child Again Acoustic chords

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   D/B    Am/C


D             Dsus4
I'm not scared anymore
                           D/B              Am  Am/C  Am/C
I'm not scared of the dark when I sleep with you
        D      Dsus4
and I'm feeling alive
                      D/B                 Am   Am/C   Am/C
and I'm feeling strong again when I'm with you


       G    D/F#
And it hits me
Am          C   
Just like a runaway train
       G        D/F#
And it blows me away
Am            C
Just like a hurricane

Em              C           G               D/F#  
You can make me happy and I hope you feel the same
Em          C               G             D/F#
You make me feel just like a child, a child again

I'm not trapped anymore
Between Madonna and the whore when I lay with you
And the days run away
Like wild horses run away when I'm with you
And I'm breathing you in
Just like the morning air
And I'm wrapping you around
Just like a skin to wear

Oh sweet thing
I'm born once again
For you sweet thing
Just like a baby again
You make me happy and I hope you feel the same
And I'm in Heaven and it feels like a gentle rain
You make me happy and I want you to feel the same
You make me feel just like a child
A child again
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